Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hello world.

Formula One. The best drivers in the world racing against each others in the fastest and most most sophisticated racing cars money can buy.  That's the reason why it's called the pinnacle of motor sport. And that's also why I love the sport so much more than any other. I also love the spectacle that F1 has become in 2011 with the new Pirelli tyres, but a lot of other series provide close racing and lots of overtaking, and some a lot more even that 2011 F1. But they lack the complexity, the skill and the mind blowing performance that Formula One has. That is why Formula One will always be the best. Even if the races were snore fests, like many argue a lot of them were a few years ago, no racing series would get close to F1.

So this blog is about F1, that much is clear. I haven't decided much more than that yet. In the beginning I'll just write about what I want to write about, and both you readers and I will probably enjoy some articles more than others. I'll probably analyse (part of) the races, give my opinion on the hottest F1 news and hopefully pick up on some of the very interesting news that go relatively unnoticed. To begin with I'll write a post or two about the latest Spanish Grand Prix. Who would've thought? The Circuit de Catalunya,  which by many was labelled as one of the most boring on the F1 calendar, provided one of the best dry races I can remember. In my next post I'll write about some of the most interesting drives and battles of the race. I hope you'll look forward to reading it as much as I do to writing it.


  1. You've been doing real fine since your first post haven't you? Keep it up! Followed.

  2. Honestly I'm not really in to motor sports, but who knows, maybe your blog will make me think differently. You have a great, engaging writing style that keeps it interesting.