Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Star of the race in the Spanish Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel
An amazing win in a car that looked a lot less dominant in the race than in qualifying. He might even have been a bit slower than Hamilton. Today he also won his first ever race without leading at the first corner. He also made some great overtakes after his first pit stop and defended well against Hamilton who clearly had the best car on primes. Apart from being bested by Alonso at the start that was a flawless race.

Lewis Hamilton
Almost a flawless race from Hamilton too. He showed some amazing pace in that McLaren, especially on the primes. He made a great job with harassing Vettel towards the end, but sadly for him Vettel didn't set a foot wrong. With the amazing pace he showed I can't help but think that he'd have a decent chance of winning if only McLaren were a bit more inventive with their strategy. Pitting the lap after Vettel almost every stop was probably the worst they could have done.

Fernando Alonso
What a start! He got just the perfect amount of wheel spin and the way he attacked turn 1 was just jaw dropping. Then he did a great job defending the lead for 18 laps in front of his fans in a much slower car and arguably an even greater job keeping Mark Webber behind him for so long. In the end though, the ferrari was way too slow on the hard tyre and there's no way he could have finished higher than 5th. It could not have been fun for the Spanish fans to see him lapped, but the way he drove in the first part of the race easily made up for it.

Nick Heidfeld
Quick Nick had a great race after a very difficult Saturday. In Saturday practice a cracked exhaust set his car on fire making him unable to take part in qualifying. As a result he started 24th and last but still finished well ahead of his team mate who started 6th. And if the race had only been a lap or two longer he would have passed both the Mercedes drivers. Sadly the TV cameras didn't focus too much on him but it must have been a great drive.

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